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3 Alxe 40cbm 45 Cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Cement Bulker Tank Semi Trailer for Sale

3 Alxe 40cbm 45 Cbm Bulk Cement Tanker Cement Bulker Tank Semi Trailer for Sale


The cement bulker trailer designed and produced by EAST CHINA CIMC uses a three-dimensional design scheme and CAE force analysis to analyze the structural mechanical properties of the tank by computer aid and optimize the structural performance, so that the force of the whole tank is more reasonable, thus The can body can have a longer service life.

'Based on domestic market and expand abroad business' is our enhancement strategy for 12 wheels 40tons fly ash cement tank trailer, 3 axles end dump truck trailer for caol, Low Loader. Our company carries out various promotion, sales, technical support and corresponding services all over the world. With the improvement of people's living standards, in order to meet the needs of the demand groups, our management reform has rapidly won the recognition of numerous well-known enterprises and consumers. We insist on innovation, breakthrough and stable quality, and implement the corporate spirit of management to improve efficiency.

  • The accuracy of the tank can be improved to 0.01mm by laser cutting, and the mirror incision can be formed once. The hot melt area can be reduced as much as possible, so that the element of the steel plate is unchanged, the rigidity will not be lost and the phenomenon of stress concentration will not occur.

  • The cylinder body is controlled by an automatic NC winding machine. Once forming, the inside of the sheet metal will not be damaged, and the forming quality is stable and reliable.

  • This powder tank adopts a frame-type team process to make the left and right rollers dock. This process equipment can ensure that the tank body formation process will not be deformed, the appearance is beautiful, the cylinder size and design size are exactly the same, which can make the barrel has an ideal force layout so that the tank does not crack easily.

  • Excellent welding technology can not only keep the weld beautifully, but also ensure that there will be no concentrated stress at the weld of the steel plate, and maintain the steel plate of the tank has good strength.

  • Enlarged design is also adopted in the outlet of powder tank body, which ensures that the material can be adequately supplied when discharging, and the material can be discharged at the fastest speed. Moreover, the reinforcement support of discharging pipeline and the application of triangular stability principle can ensure that the pipeline has no displacement and the stability is the best in the process of discharging.



3axles 45cbm Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer


Tractor-driven bulk cement tank truck.



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