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3 Axle 12 PCS Oil Tanker Truck Semi Trailer for Petrol/Diesel/Oil/Fuel/Flammable Liquid

3 Axle 12 PCS Oil Tanker Truck Semi Trailer for Petrol/Diesel/Oil/Fuel/Flammable Liquid


The section of oil tank is usually elliptical, trapezoidal, rectangular, etc. It is usually welded by carbon steel plate, and stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials can also be used according to the different transport media.

We continue to introduce and absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology and efficient management models, so that our ISO Tank Containers, 40ft Fatbed Container Trailer, 3 axles 12 wheels petrol tank trailer is continuously optimized. We adhere to the corporate goal of 'creating a first-class brand', actively explore and innovate, and continuously improve our technical and service levels, so that users are more satisfied with us. Our company currently has a high degree of growth in organization and operation, system management, product development, production technology and production equipment. The quality of products is the basis for enterprises to survive in the fierce market competition. Throughout the entire production and operation process, we take customer satisfaction as our purpose and provide customers with good services.

A) The tank body is equipped with multi-channel wave-proof plates, which can reduce the fluctuation and inertial impact force of the liquid in the tank during the emergency braking of the oil tank trailer.

B) By designing different number of compartments, simultaneous transportation of different media can be realized. So that can meet customers'diversified transportation.


C) Usually the tank body is equipped with three manhole caps and carries corresponding breathing valves to protect the oil from expanding or contracting due to external temperature changes or rolling motion, and to protect the tank against pressure balance.


D) The bottom of the tank trailer is equipped with submarine valves. There are two control modes: pneumatic operation and manual operation. The remote control mode can be realized. When the tank trailer is subjected to severe collision, the oil is protected from leakage.


E) According to the needs of customers, we can design oil pump system to realize the function of pumping in and out, and add facilities such as flowmeter or controlled refueling machine. For the liquid which needs heat preservation in transportation, we can design heat preservation layer and heating pipeline according to the needs of users.


45000 liters 5 compartments petroleum tank trailer


3 axle 50000L oil tank semi trailer



Our Advantage

A. Be designed according to your requirements.

B. All parts and material are from famous brand at home and abroad.

C. Three years quality guarantee term

D. Easy to assembly and repair at site.

We've been striving to become a superb business partner of you for 3 Axle 12 PCS Oil Tanker Truck Semi Trailer for Petrol/Diesel/Oil/Fuel/Flammable Liquid. We absorb and utilize powerful human resources as a backing, and also pay attention to the investment of talents and technological transformation. We have strong development capabilities and perfect after-sales management system to ensure the product and service are of high standards.

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