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30 Ton 40 Tons 60 Tons Silo Trailer Cement Flour Bulker Truck Powder Tanker Pneumatic Dry Bulk Cement Trailer Manufacturers

30 Ton 40 Tons 60 Tons Silo Trailer Cement Flour Bulker Truck Powder Tanker Pneumatic Dry Bulk Cement Trailer Manufacturers


Pneumatic dry bulk trailers transport a wide range of media and are mainly used for the transport of solid powders with density, specific particle size and poor fluidization. The material of the tank body is generally made of carbon steel or stainless steel, or it can be made of aluminum alloy for the whole vehicle, equipped with air suspension.

In the spirit of striving for perfection, we are, as always, going to provide top-class CIMC 3 axles 12 wheels dry van cargo truck trailer, 3 axles Cattle Livestock Stake truck Trailer capacity, Side Dump Trailer with a perfect service for guests at home and abroad. We win the trust of users with a good reputation, and create value for customers and create opportunities for employees. The success and development depend on the support and trust of customers.

  • The longitudinal axis of the vertical tank container is perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the vehicle. One or more vertical tanks can be installed on the vehicle. Vertical tank has complete loading and unloading, easy unit combination, easy to form standardization.

  • Vertical powder tank trailer is a newly developed high-level product based on the European vertical powder tank trailer and the accumulated experience of East China CIMC in the field of bulk cement tank trailer for many years. It has such outstanding advantages as beautiful appearance, reasonable structure design, low unloading residual rate and light body weight.

  • The tank body is composed of a straight tube and a plurality of inverted cones, and the manufacturing process is complicated. The circular tangent transition between the cone chamber and the upper straight cylinder body eliminates the existence of dead corners in the tank, thereby effectively preventing the material from hanging on the wall and accumulating.

  • The vertical powder tanker can be pneumatically discharged or gravity-loaded. The fluidized bed area is small and the material remaining is very low. It is suitable for transporting food materials and some high-end chemical materials.

  • Transport medium: can transport cement, carbon black, soda ash, flour, PTA, PA66, feed, quartz sand and other powders, pellets and so on.



Reasonable mechanism design, perfect process embodiment.


Low tare weight, high efficiency, abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.



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Our Advantage

A.Reliable and satisfactory after-sale service.

B.Acceptance for third party inspection.

C.Advanced processing equipment guarantee hign quality.

D.Obtained the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. 

Welcome the domestic and overseas merchants to the company to check the cooperation, the win-win cooperation, East China CIMC is your long-term partner's best choice!

With the changes of the market, we will further improve the scientific and technological content of our 30 Ton 40 Tons 60 Tons Silo Trailer Cement Flour Bulker Truck Powder Tanker Pneumatic Dry Bulk Cement Trailer Manufacturers, and constantly introduce new products to meet the needs of our customers, so that our products and the progress of the society perfectly combined. We are going to establish a bridge of friendship with you in our good quality products and on the basis of eagerness and credibility, in order to create a great future with you. By adhering to the policy of customer satisfaction management, continuous quality improvement and dedicated customer service, we have kept a close contact with clients from beginning to end.

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