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33000 40000L 45000 50000 60000 Litrestri Axles Crude Liquid Fuel Oil Tank Tanker Semi Trailer

33000 40000L 45000 50000 60000 Litrestri Axles Crude Liquid Fuel Oil Tank Tanker Semi Trailer


ISO tank containers is a container body. It can be transported by skeleton trailer, and is more suitable for port transportation and storage. Reasonable structure, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, simple operation and other advantages.

Our intention should be to fulfill our consumers by offering golden provider, superior price and superior quality for 12 wheels 40ft dry van box cargo truck trailer rental, CIMC 30tons shipping container trailer rental, CIMC 3 line 6 axles detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer. We will consistently promote the company's management and corporate governance structure, so that the company and employees grow together, and the company and society develop and advance together. We will continue to uphold the same principle, continue to provide better quality and service quality with high quality, high standard and high efficiency. Thank you for your support and encouragement to our company. We take 'based on the local, fly over China, want to net the world' as the market orientation and development goal. We gradually increase the influence, visibility and reputation of our products, so that the enterprise becomes bigger and stronger.

Product Description:

a) We can provide customized transportation solutions to customers according to their needs.

b) It can be used not only as a means of transportation, but also as a storage container in the production and use sites.

c) It can realize door-to-door transportation and make transportation more safe and reliable.

d) It can realize the combined transportation of highway, railway, inland river and ocean, and greatly shorten the loading and unloading time of station wharf. The boxes can be stacked on 6 to 9 floors and occupy a small space.

e) ISO tank container Wine / Juices, Petrol, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil (ATF), Edible / Non Edible Oils.


The size of tank can be customized.


The storage tank can be used for 20-foot or 40-foot skeleton trailer transport.


Product Parameters:

Product Name

ISO Tanker

Tank Capacity(m³)

Customize 20/24/26/30/35/40/50/55 according to user's requirements




Tank body: 5/6mm
End plate:6/8mm

Insulation performance

Design according to user requirements

Colour and Marking

Color and pattern according to customer requirements

Remark: All the products we can customize for you, if you have any inquiries about our products, please contact us, we will give you the most reasonable price, the most perfect service, the fastest delivery time and best products!


Our Advantage

A. We provide a set of truck accessories and the wearing parts.

B. We provide English instruction,operation and maintenance manuals and related videos.

C. We promise a long term technical advice and supports.

Our production scale of 33000 40000L 45000 50000 60000 Litrestri Axles Crude Liquid Fuel Oil Tank Tanker Semi Trailer is very large, and we have modern production plants. Innovation is the source of success, and active participation is the biggest driving force for sustainable development. Thus, we focus over the manufacture on the finest top quality goods.

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