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40-50m3 Dry Bulk Cement Flour Silo Lifting Tank Semi Trailer (05)

40-50m3 Dry Bulk Cement Flour Silo Lifting Tank Semi Trailer (05)


EAST CHINA CIMC has developed a variety of pneumatic dry bulk trailers, including aluminum alloy tankers, double-gold wear-resistant steel tankers, carbon steel tankers, etc. Tank trailers are produced in strict accordance with European standards, reasonable structural design and advanced production processes. Our products sell well in many countries and regions at home and abroad.

We purpose at becoming amongst your most trusted partners and earning your satisfaction for 50tons side wall trailer storage for steel coil, CIMC 3 axles 40tons side wall truc trailer, Fence Cargo Trailer. Our company establishes market leadership for you with high-efficiency production capacity and complete supply methods. Our company closely connects the development strategy of the company with the pace of China's development, helping the rapid development of the Chinese market and having a place in the world market at the same time. We will continue to try the best to supply you good quality products and solutions and the best service.

The pipe body adopts computer three-dimensional auxiliary design, the structure is reasonable, the effective volume is large, and the transportation cost is reduced.


The use of OEM parts from well-known brands at home and abroad is durable and not easy to damage, reducing the cost of use and maintenance costs.


Powder material trailer, tank body with V-shaped filling structure, the latest fluidized structure, with large loading capacity, low center of gravity, small material residue, simple structure, fast unloading speed and other characteristics, easy to operate and maintain.



The tank body is welded by special overturning equipment, which ensures the welding quality; the tank structure is made of high strength international steel; the whole vehicle has light weight, to ensures its anti-distortion, anti-seismic and anti-bump ability, so as to meet the load-bearing requirements of different pavement.


The tank body is welded by a special welding machine with one-time welding and double-sided forming. The weld seam is smooth and uniform, beautiful, strong and leak-free. The fluidized bed layout is reasonable and the effective area is increased with the latest design of fluidization system. It has the characteristics of fast unloading speed and low material residue. Manhole cover is designed as spring type, easy to open, labor-saving and good sealing.



China Trailer Manufacture 3 Axles 50tons V Shape Silo Cement Bulker Tank Trailer



Dry Bulk Tank Cars in Best-selling Overseas Markets






Our Advantage

A.We have customers at abroad,you can check the quality of our product from your local place.

B.Guarantee the quality and the production terms for you,of course the price will be competitive.

C.Providing high quality and reliability products, free of charge during the warranty period for spare parts.

D.24 hours corresponding your feedback.

We have become a leader in the 40-50m3 Dry Bulk Cement Flour Silo Lifting Tank Semi Trailer (05) industry through strict management, advanced business models, practical experience, and rich customer resources. We pursue innovation that is critical to both our customers and our company, while driving it fast and efficiently. Our company continues to absorb advanced mature technology and develop new products according to market demand.

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