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45tons/50tons 3 Axles Side Wall Cargo Trailer From Chinese Best Manufacturer

45tons/50tons 3 Axles Side Wall Cargo Trailer From Chinese Best Manufacturer


Container flat bed trailer refers to a large container as the carrier, which assembles the goods into a container unit, so as to use large-scale handling machinery and large-scale vehicles in the field of modern circulation for handling, handling and transportation tasks.

As one of the best suppliers of Side Wall Trailer, 60tons side wall dump trailer 700mm side plate, Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer, we have a significant market share and we are proud to be ahead of the pack in the industry. We create a unique brand concept and style with reliable quality, unique design, and high-quality service around the world. With forward-looking strategic thinking, diversified product series, strict quality control and excellent service concept, our company has established strategic partnerships with many well-known companies abroad.

A) Container transportation greatly reduces the number of manual handling and handling in the traditional mode of transportation, which can avoid cargo damage, wet damage, loss and other cargo accidents caused by man-made and natural factors, and reduce economic losses.


B) The container flatbed trailer is equipped with 12 sets of twist locks, usually used to transport two 20-foot or one 40-foot containers. The reasonable distribution of twist locks can also meet the transportation of some non-standard containers for a variety of transportation purposes.


C) After the steel of the trailer is processed by large bending equipment, it still maintains the original strength and toughness of the steel, ensuring that the trailer has a strong load carrying capacity.


D) The Trailer side girder is made of U-shaped steel, the main girder is made of Q345B steel plate, the neutral plate height is 500 mm, and the front end is reinforced with double vertical plates, so that the trailer has the advantages of light weight, high load-bearing and so on.


E) The front end of the flatbed trailer can be equipped with a removable baffle, and the side beam is provided with a groove. When the grooved steel column is inserted, the trailer can transport logs and round pipes.








We always follow the innovative concept of taking the company's development of new products as the core and providing customers with superb 45tons/50tons 3 Axles Side Wall Cargo Trailer From Chinese Best Manufacturer as the goal. With our strong global sourcing network and close cooperation with established suppliers, we can provide customers with high-quality products and take the interests and satisfaction of customers as our top priority. We value the win-win concept of mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, and creates great returns for partners.

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