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5 Axles 100 Tons 120 Tons Lowbed Lowboy Semi Trailer with Folding Gooseneck

5 Axles 100 Tons 120 Tons Lowbed Lowboy Semi Trailer with Folding Gooseneck


What makes this folding gooseneck trailer special is the separation of the gooseneck from the work plate. When large equipment such as heavy excavators need to be transported, they can drive the vehicle directly into the trailer from the detachable front end of the trailer, which ensures safer during loading and unloading.

Our raw materials are carefully selected in line with the supremacy of the customers, and wholeheartedly provide customers with quality 50tons dry bulk cargo enclosed truck trailer near me, Powder Tanker, 16 wheels Narrow gooseneck low bed trailer height clearance. We support our buyers with ideal high quality products and high level service. Our continuous development and innovation have equipped us with rich experience in product manufacturing and development.

Product Description:

A) The loading platform of the trailer can be adjusted to any height above the ground. The folding gooseneck trailer is equipped with power system, which can perform manual operation independently.

B) Two hydraulic cylinders are installed at both ends of gooseneck for the separation of gooseneck and loading platform, and two hydraulic cylinders are installed inside for the lifting of loading platform.

C) The gooseneck and load-bearing platform of the folding gooseneck trailer adopts multi-point structural mechanics. It is reasonable to increase the bolt of the gooseneck at multiple points of the gooseneck, which is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to disassemble.

D) Because of its low self-weight, folding gooseneck trailer is also an ideal choice for load transportation of large equipment. The latter refers to containers, pallets, heavy machinery and other equipment that can be easily loaded and transported on heavy trailers.

E) EAST CHINA CIMC provides multi-functional heavy-duty trailers for the transportation of various types of large-scale equipment. The types of trailers can be designed are 2-line 4-axis, 3-line 6-axis, 5-line 10-axis, etc. The payload can reach about 80 tonnes.


The trailer is equipped with a front climbing slope


Removable hydraulic gooseneck




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