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50cbm Dry Bulk Cement Tanker Cement Bulker Tank Semi Trailer

50cbm Dry Bulk Cement Tanker Cement Bulker Tank Semi Trailer


The bulk cement truck, also known as the powder material transport vehicle, consists of a special automobile chassis, a bulk cement vehicle tank body, a gas pipeline system, and an automatic unloading device. It is suitable for bulk transportation of dry goods such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali and other particles with a diameter of not more than 0.1mm.

With the progress of science and technology, the requirements of various 50 cbm dry ceemnt silo tank triler pump, 40 Tons Cement Tank Trailer, 3 axles animal pig stake truck trailer near me are more refined. We hope to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, stimulate their creativity and enhance corporate cohesion. Our brand adheres to the firm belief of 'carrying dreams, technology creates brilliance'. After several years of development and accumulation, our company has fully implemented institutionalized and standardized management.

Product Description:

A)  Bulk cement tankers are designed and manufactured for cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites. At present, the maximum designed load of cement tank trailer is 98cbm.The maximum transportation is 130 tons.

B) On another hand, we also designed a light cement tanker to meet the needs of the market. The reasonable structural design enables the trailer to not only achieve rapid discharge, but also its own weight can be as low as 4.8 tons. In some countries where the weight of the vehicle is limited, this trailer will be the best choice.

C) The tank body is usually designed as a V structure. 12 belts with output power are arranged inside. the discharge speed is 1.5 tons/min.

D) An air intake pipe is equipped in each of the front and rear air chambers of the bulk cement trailer. The functions of simultaneous opening and individual control can be realized respectively through the ball valve.

E)  In terms of output power, it is generally divided into 2 types: tractor output power and separate engine and air compressor output power. A reasonable mix is not only more efficient, but also saves money.

3 axle bulk cement trailer

Tri-axle 36CBM 45tons Silo Bulker Bulk Cement Tanker Tank Semi Trailer

Our Advantage

A.Technicians fully supports on technology and maintenance.

B.Perfect and economic transportation arrangement.

C.With a variety of trailer accessories and delivery within 3 days.

D.Our products are certified by ISO, AMSE etc.

Our merchandise are commonly identified and dependable by end users and will meet continually altering financial and social desires for 50cbm Dry Bulk Cement Tanker Cement Bulker Tank Semi Trailer. We adhere to the quality policy of "meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations". The factory introduces advanced machinery and equipment, forming strong technical force and advanced management policy.

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