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CCC ISO Approved 4 Axle 8X4 12.5t Bulk Cement Tank Wagon / Dry Powder Tanker Truck

CCC ISO Approved 4 Axle 8X4 12.5t Bulk Cement Tank Wagon / Dry Powder Tanker Truck


The international standard tank is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed in a fastened external frame. The tank body is mostly made of 316 stainless steel. Most tanks have steam or electric heating devices, inert gas protection devices, pressure relief devices and other optional equipment for fluid transportation and handling.

We are committed to providing customized Pneumatic Dry Bulk Trailers, CIMC 3 axles 12 wheels dry van cargo truck trailer, 40cbm 12 wheelsend dump trailer rental solutions to global users. With strong company strength, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, our products are well-received by domestic and foreign customers. We introduce new automated production machines to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of our products. We implement multiple quality supervision of manufacturers, merchants, and users to provide customers with professional and standardized services. We always know that improving product quality is an important factor for our company to enhance the core competitiveness.

A) ISO tanker transportation is internationally recognized as the safest mode of transportation of chemical products and food. In the process of distributing and transporting chemicals and foodstuffs to different parts of the country, compared with other modes, it is a means of transportation that never leaks and avoids contamination of the goods themselves.

B) At present, East China CIMC has developed many ISO tanks, which are used to transport gasoline and diesel oil, asphalt crude oil, chemical raw materials, food, dry bulk goods, etc. The interior of ISO tanks with different media will undergo special treatment.

C) For tanks carrying corrosive and unstable cargo, special steel should be used and necessary lining should be considered. The water vapor pressure in the tank at 65 "C and other partial pressures resulting therefrom, together with the design pressure of 0.35 kg/cm, should not exceed the tank body. Material can be discharged from the bottom of the tank or from the top of the tank.

D) The outer part of the tank has a corner bearing frame for protection and hoisting. The outer frame size of the tank is exactly the same as that of the international standard 20 container (20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high). It can be used for highway, railway and water transportation. It can carry up to 14300 to 31000 litres (or even larger) of liquid cargo.


Equipped with top loading system and rapid unloading device.


The volume of the storage tank can be customized.



By creating durable products, we ensure that customers can use our CCC ISO Approved 4 Axle 8X4 12.5t Bulk Cement Tank Wagon / Dry Powder Tanker Truck for as long as possible and reduce costs. With a state-of-the-art comprehensive marketing feedback system and 300 skilled workers' hard work, our company has developed all kinds of products ranging from high class, medium class to low class. We seize the market with products, create markets with services, and develop markets with brands.

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