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Chemical Sulfuric Acid Tank Mobile Sulphuric Acid Semi Trailer

Chemical Sulfuric Acid Tank Mobile Sulphuric Acid Semi Trailer


The aluminum alloy trailer is made of aluminum alloy for the tank body and other parts.So the weight of the trailer is light, can transport oil/fuel/diesel/chemical product and other liquid product.

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Aluminum fuel / oil / chemical tank trailer

Total length: 12500mm

Total width: 2500m

Total height: 3980mm

Compartment: 1-5 pcs

Material: Aluminum alloy


Aluminum tank trailer can not only recover investment costs in a short time, but also create more economic revenue and comprehensive benefits than carbon steel tank trucks. It is indeed the best choice for refined oil and other liquid transportation equipment.

aluminium oil tank trailer

Characteristics of aluminum fuel/oil/chemical trailers

1. Low center of gravity design, using a square cross section, the center of gravity of the same cross-sectional area is reduced by 100mm, and the roll angle is increased to 30 degrees> 23 degrees (standard value) to effectively prevent rollover.

2. Adopt anti-rollover safety and stability system, the vehicle's driving status can be monitored in real time. When the system detects that the vehicle is about to get out of control, it will apply braking force to specific wheels, and at the same time reduce the speed of the vehicle to help the vehicle safely drive on the correct trajectory To prevent the vehicle from losing control or rolling over.

3. Aluminum alloy has stable chemical properties. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is more than 70% higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The enhanced corrosion resistance greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the tank.

4. From the appearance, the appearance of the aluminum alloy tank truck is more beautiful, and it is easy to clean without painting.

 aluminium fuel tank trailer

What is the advantages of aluminium tank trailer?

1. Fuel economy. According to the research report of the European Aluminum Association, the quality of the entire vehicle and the fuel consumption of the bicycle have a positive change. Every time the total mass of a bicycle is reduced by 1t, the vehicle can save 0.6L of diesel fuel when running 100km. Taking the aluminum alloy tank of 45 cubic meters as an example, the mass of the carbon steel tank is reduced by more than 3t. According to the half-loaded mileage, if the annual operating range is 120,000km, at least 1100L of diesel can be saved each year.

2. Increase cargo load. According to the provisions of the Chinese Road Safety Law, the total weight of vehicles and cargoes must not exceed 45 tons. Under the premise of stipulating the total weight, if you want to increase the total amount of transportation, you can always start with the light weight of the vehicle, thereby increasing its effective carrying capacity and obtaining better economic benefits. From the perspective of increasing revenue, the aluminum alloy tank is used, and the running vehicle carries about 3 tons more than the carbon steel tank. The economic benefit of the aluminum alloy tank is very considerable;

aluminium chemical tank trailer

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