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China 3 Axle Heavy Weight Gooseneck Lowbed Low Deck Semitrailer

China 3 Axle Heavy Weight Gooseneck Lowbed Low Deck Semitrailer


The hydraulic gooseneck low bed trailer is an ideal vehicle for transportation engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, transformers and industrial parts. It has the characteristics of low chassis, convenient loading and unloading, simple operation, safe and reliable performance. The low-bed trailer provided by EAST CHINA CIMC can Fully meet your requirements for heavy equipment transportation.

We use advanced production technology and equipment, perfect product quality assurance system, and professional and rigorous technical personnel to provide strong guarantee for the quality of Tipper Semi Trailer, ISO Tanker, 40cbm 12 wheelsend dump trailer rental. Our development is based on modernization, technology, intelligence, and innovative marketing services. The effective operation of our quality system has enabled the company's product quality to be steadily improved. We have advanced professional production equipment and rich manufacturing experience, as well as a complete sales agency system and after-sales service system. Our company is a fertile land for success and is a land for sprinkling talent and heroism.


A) The front end of the trailer is designed with climbing ramps for engineering machinery. When the gooseneck is removed, the crawler machinery and airport bus can easily travel to the load platform through the climbing ramp. The angle of the climbing ramp can be customized. The device being carried will not be bumped into the chassis.

B) The gooseneck of the trailer is usually equipped with a 12-horsepower engine and four hydraulic devices. The engine can work independently, providing the gooseneck structure with up-and-down lifting or front-rear displacement power. The performance is safe and reliable, and the operation is very simple.

C) The trailer is also equipped with a hydraulic lifting ladder. The gooseneck has an operating lever for lifting the ladder. Some mechanical equipment can travel from the rear end of the trailer to the carrying platform of the trailer.

D) In order to reduce the center of gravity of the trailer when transporting heavy equipment, we will design the height of the bearing platform as low as possible. The main girder of the chassis will also adopt beam-piercing structure, exposed tires and reverse suspension.


3-Axis Hydraulic Gooseneck Front Loaded Low-bed Trailer 


The trailer rear end is equipped with hydraulic lifting ladder.




Our Advantage

A.All of our trailers are produced strict with ISO standard,you needn’t worry about it.Certainly,if your trailer parts wear out,we can provide suitable parts for you.

B.Each product will be 100% checked before shipment.

C.We promise to do our best to solve all of your problems

D.OEM design,OEM color,OEM packing ,OEM are highly welcome.

Our company's delivery is guaranteed and the quality of the China 3 Axle Heavy Weight Gooseneck Lowbed Low Deck Semitrailer is absolutely guaranteed after the rough inspection, fine inspection and packaging delivery. With our strong capabilities and management experience, we have won wide recognition from customers. We focus on personalized customization, independent research and development, with technology value added.

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