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Chinese Brand 3 Axle Liquid Chemical/Oil/Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailer

Chinese Brand 3 Axle Liquid Chemical/Oil/Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailer


The trailer is designed for transporting liquid chemical raw materials and liquid food. It can be separated or divided into several compartments. It uses aluminum alloy tank and advanced TIG welding technology. The weld is beautiful and the sealing is excellent.

We rely upon strategic thinking, constant modernisation in all segments, technological advances and of course upon our employees that directly participate inside our success for 4 axles low bed trailer transport excavator, CIMC 100tons 24 wheels tyre 6 axles low bed trailer, ISO Tank Containers. Looking forward to working with you Now! We are looking forward that more and more oversea friends join in our family for further development near the future!

Product Description:

A) The tank body is equipped with multi-channel wave-proof plates to reduce the inertial impact caused by the emergency braking of the trailer.


B) Ethanol tank truck can be designed as a single or multiple compartments, which can be used to separate multiple liquids and dispose multiple discharge safety valves when necessary.

 C) EAST CHINA CIMC has a special inspection room at the factory. Each tanker undergoes strict high-pressure gas leak detection and high-pressure liquid stamping test to ensure that the trailer can be qualified and safely delivered every day.


D) The tank has a variety of advantages: corrosion resistance, anti-aging, wear resistance, no seams, impact resistance, no leakage, no toxicity, and a wide range of media.


E) A pneumatically controlled emergency shut-off valve is provided at the bottom outlet of the tank. When the external pipeline or ball valve fails, the valve can be closed to prevent the liquid inside the tank from being damaged or causing environmental pollution. Even if the valve is damaged by impact, the liquid inside the tank will not leak.


Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank Semi Trailer




We sincerely welcome customers to quickly feedback their ideas and information to us, so that our Chinese Brand 3 Axle Liquid Chemical/Oil/Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailer will keep improving and these will become the cornerstone of our common long-term development. We know that good quality and the best service are the only way for us to achieve our customers and to achieve ourselves too. We try our best to ensure that all users get the goods in a short time. We sincerely look forward to working with more customers and friends to develop new fields and create brilliant career together!

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