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Cimc 20FT 40FT Liquid Chemial Storage ISO Tank Container

Cimc 20FT 40FT Liquid Chemial Storage ISO Tank Container


ISO tank containers is a container body. It can be transported by skeleton trailer, and is more suitable for port transportation and storage.

We aim to sell high-quality and high-performance Cement Tanker, 50tons fuel oil tank trailer cost, 60tons 12 wheels rear end dumper trailer, which are extremely competitive in the market in terms of function and price. With the management mode of 'people-oriented, each doing his best', our company has gathered a number of professional management talents from colleges and universities with the mind of embracing hundreds of rivers, and has a number of construction teams with excellent technology and perfect service. We should follow the trend and actively face the challenges from international enterprises to pursue a win-win situation. Our company insists on hard work adhering to the brand core concept of winning reputation with integrity and high quality. Our production have been exported to many countries and regions as first hand source with lowest price.

Product Description:

a) Tempered glass fiber thickness of 4.0mm or more, good compressive and seismic resistance. It has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

b) Unique technology is adopted between the inner and outer layers to make it reach a gap of 0.1-1mm, so as to eliminate hidden dangers from the root.

c) Leak detector 24 hours to monitor, to prevent leakage caused by security risks.

d) Steel plate, compared with ordinary 5 mm thick single-layer tank, the strength is greatly improved.


Customizable cabinet type fuel storage tank.


The perfect combination of cabinet-style oil tanks and skeleton trailers.


Product Parameters:

Product Name

ISO Tank Containers

Tank Capacity

20 cubic /40 cubic




Tank body: 4mm
End plate: 5mm

Colour and Marking

Color and pattern according to customer requirements

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The technical indicators of the Cimc 20FT 40FT Liquid Chemial Storage ISO Tank Container products produced by our company are at the advanced level in the same industry, and can be produced according to orders. Whether in terms of product sales, or processing capacity, our company is growing at a high speed. We follow a spirit of care about the world, dare to become a pioneer, having been ahead of the technology's leading edge research and development in the industry.

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