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Clw Small Milk Tanker Truck, 4*2 Tanker Truck for Fresh Milk Transportation, Milk Tank for Sale

Clw Small Milk Tanker Truck, 4*2 Tanker Truck for Fresh Milk Transportation, Milk Tank for Sale


We usually call it: tank tank trailers, milk tanker trailer, stainless steel milk tank, stainless steel milk tanks, tanker trailer, stainless steel tanker trailers.

Our company hope sincerely cooperate with numerous clients, and we promise that we will offer high quality 40tons end tipping trailer for coal ore, CIMC 3 axles 40tons cement tank trailer, 50tons dry bulk cargo enclosed truck trailer near me and sincere service to the customers! We believe that first-class technical personnel and advanced production equipment will further improve product quality and enable enterprises to continue to grow in the fierce market competition. Our core competitiveness is 'internet thinking, artistic innovation, intelligent services, and popular products'. Our company sticks to the principle of 'high quality, reasonable price and timely delivery'. The company's new product development speed keeps up with the market in a timely manner, enriching the product line, in order to maintain the company's core competitiveness and innovation in the industry.

Product Description:

A)  This trailer complies with human food regulations, refrigeration capacity, acid resistance, and supercharging capacity. The tank almost always contains multiple compartments or baffles to prevent load movement and instability of the vehicle.

B)  Some tankers can carry multiple products at once because the tank can be divided into 2,3, 4, 5, 6. Some tank trailers can carry multiple products at the same time.

C)  The inside of the tank is treated with special slag to keep it clean. The tank can be fitted with a polyurethane insulation to ensure a 24 hour temperature rise of less than or equal to 2 °C. It is a best choice for transporting fresh milk, water, cooking oil and ice cream.

D)  East China CIMC has a flaw detection room and there are a lot of test equipment. All semi-trailers are subjected to tank pressure, seal testing, tilt stability, etc. to ensure the perfect delivery of each product.

E)   To ensure safety, an emergency valve is equipped at the bottom of the tank. When an emergency occurs, it can help the tanker to prevent oil leakage.

According to the customer's needs, we provide different materials of tanks for customers to choose.

An edible oil transport tanker with an insulation layer.

We are committed to making every Clw Small Milk Tanker Truck, 4*2 Tanker Truck for Fresh Milk Transportation, Milk Tank for Sale a high-quality product, so that we attach great importance to technological progress and development. Our corporate governance structure is complete, standardized, and equipped with internationally advanced production equipment. Welcome to do bussines with us, let's be double win.

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