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Container Trailer 2/3/4 Axles Flat Bed Truck Trailer 20FT 40 Foot Chinese Container Flatbed Semi Trailer

Container Trailer 2/3/4 Axles Flat Bed Truck Trailer 20FT 40 Foot Chinese Container Flatbed Semi Trailer


Container vehicles usually use a combination of car trains. This combination is semi-trailer, full-hanging and double-hung, with semi-trailer trains.

We are committed to becoming the leader in this industry, insisting on selling 3 axles 12 wheels petrol tank trailer, CIMC 12 wheels 3 axles fence cargo trailer, Bulk Flour Tankers at the most competitive prices, providing customers with diversified services, and striving to fully meet customer requirements. Customers' benefit and satisfaction are always our biggest goal. Because of our responsibility, all of our staffs have the same goal to move forward courageously and never give up. Our company is strong and equipped with many advanced production lines. If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Description:

A) The 40ft container trailer is best choice for a wide range of transportation options. The trailer can be designed to transport a 40-foot, two 20-foot or 20-foot flatbed trailer to a 40ft configuration.

B) Different from the container skeleton trailer, the frame and a pattern bottom plate are added to the flat plate. It is mainly used for structural support and friction when transporting ordinary cargo. The front end of the trailer can also be equipped with a detachable baffle to make the trailer more safe when driving in bad road conditions.

C) The trailer side frame can be equipped with detachable columns for transporting logs, building materials, pipes and other goods. It is also possible to add a trailer link to achieve multiple module transportation and create more benefits.

D) Our gooseneck trailers we designed have played a very good role in transporting some heavy-duty containers. The gooseneck structure is designed for containers that are specifically designed to carry a grooved bottom structure, which reduces the loading height and makes the trailer safer and more stable.


Flat Trailer with front baffle

Selling overseas flatbed semi-trailers



Our Advantage

A.Advanced production equipment, strict quality control, fast delivery, the most reasonable price.

B.The overseas engineer is in ready all the time against unexpected needs.

C.For serious vehicle problems, it will take us 5 working days to reply the distributor, since our service team has to report it to our factory for final judge.

D.Achieved foreign trade qualification granted by Chinese government.

Our advanced management thinking and technology, reliable quality and selfless work enthusiasm are fully reflected in the various indicators of the Container Trailer 2/3/4 Axles Flat Bed Truck Trailer 20FT 40 Foot Chinese Container Flatbed Semi Trailer. Our goods will continue to enhance within the order and look forward to cooperation with you. The impact of the technological revolution far exceeds everyone's imagination and it is also the greatest change in the history of human society.

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