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Dongfeng Tianjin 4X2 Acid Tanker 16000liters Chemical Corrosive Goods Tank Truck for Sale

Dongfeng Tianjin 4X2 Acid Tanker 16000liters Chemical Corrosive Goods Tank Truck for Sale


40,000 litres of fuel tanker trailers are used to transport dangerous and highly toxic chemicals such as undecane, gasoline, diesel and some chemicals. The tank is equipped with a wave-proof plate to reduce inertial impact. The safe and reliable tank trailer can transport a variety of liquids. The trailer can customize the number of compartments and other functions according to the different needs of customers.

Due to the wide application of our products and our favorable market position, we strive to sell our CIMC streight beam 40ft 53ft contianer chassis trailer, Skeleton Container Trailer, Flatbed Container Trailer to more countries and bring our high-quality products and services to every corner of the world. You will get successful business if you choose to cooperate with such a professional manufacturer. Our products have exported to many countries all over the world. Welcome to call to discuss business. Our company will make scientific and reasonable technical solutions for you with first-class service and professional technology according to your needs, so as to save more labor costs for users and provide stable and premium products to them.

Product Description:

A) The thickness of the insulation of the fuel tank trailer is 100mm. The outer part is made of stainless steel to ensure the constant temperature inside the tank. The tank body is longitudinally welded, which is more reliable and sealed than the traditional ring seam welding. The tank trailer has high strength and stable center of gravity, which can greatly improve transportation safety.

B) The accessories use famous brands at home and abroad, such as: JOST C200 for landing gear; The brake valve is used WABCO, etc., the product quality is guaranteed.

C) The truck has a variety of refuel or oil transport function according to different purpose and use of the environment.

D) According to different uses and using environments, the fuel tank trailer has various functions of refueling or transporting oil. Trailers are mainly used for transportation and storage of various petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricants and coal tar).

E) East China CIMC provides a variety of fuel tank trailers for transporting liquids, petroleum derivatives, asphalt spreaders, water trailers, ISO tanks and so on.



Special production according to customer demand, 20-40m³ capacity range



Our Advantage

A. Supplying unique design as clients’ required.

B. Our products are certified by ISO, AMSE etc.

C. Perfect after-sale service is available.

D. Best Quality with competitive price.

Our Dongfeng Tianjin 4X2 Acid Tanker 16000liters Chemical Corrosive Goods Tank Truck for Sale has been tested and improved over time, so that it can be used in a wide range of applications. We have long adhered to the quality policy of high starting point, zero defect creation and customer satisfaction. We make unremitting efforts for the promotion and popularization of intelligent business to make intelligent interconnectivity and establish a good brand image.

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