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Flexi-Bags Flexitank ISO Tank 20

Flexi-Bags Flexitank ISO Tank 20"40"Containers for 24 Mt Oils, Juices, Wines


ISO tank containers is a container body. It can be transported by skeleton trailer, and is more suitable for port transportation and storage.

Customer need is our God for 40 Tons Fence Cargo Truck Trailer, Crude Oil Tank Trailer, 3 axles 45tons powder material cement tank trailer. Our goal is to establish long-term and mutually profitable business relationships with domestic and overseas clients. Our company has high-quality R&D personnel and production technicians, as well as a number of key technologies in the industry. We take the zealous responsibility as the purpose, we will do our best to provide service for you. In the pursuit of low price and high sales environment, even under the greater pressure, we will not reduce the cost on the condition of reducing quality, we insist on the quality is consistent.

Product Description:

a) Tempered glass fiber thickness of 4.0mm or more, good compressive and seismic resistance. It has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

b) Unique technology is adopted between the inner and outer layers to make it reach a gap of 0.1-1mm, so as to eliminate hidden dangers from the root.

c) Leak detector 24 hours to monitor, to prevent leakage caused by security risks.

d) Steel plate, compared with ordinary 5 mm thick single-layer tank, the strength is greatly improved.


Customizable cabinet type fuel storage tank.


The perfect combination of cabinet-style oil tanks and skeleton trailers.


Product Parameters:

Product Name

ISO Tank Containers

Tank Capacity

20 cubic /40 cubic




Tank body: 4mm
End plate: 5mm

Colour and Marking

Color and pattern according to customer requirements

Remark: All the products we can customize for you, if you have any inquiries about our products, please contact us, we will give you the most reasonable price, the most perfect service, the fastest delivery time and best products!


In order to better develop the domestic and foreign markets, we uphold the business philosophy of stable product performance and excellent quality, we will continue to provide with the best quality of Flexi-Bags Flexitank ISO Tank 20"40"Containers for 24 Mt Oils, Juices, Wines and the most thoughtful services. In order to practice 'excellent quality comes from technological innovation', our company has spent a lot of effort in developing new products. Well-run equipment, expert income workforce, and far better after-sales expert services.

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