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Low Price 2 3 4 Axle 40 45 Cm3 Powder Flour Transport Bulk Truck Tanker Semitrailer

Low Price 2 3 4 Axle 40 45 Cm3 Powder Flour Transport Bulk Truck Tanker Semitrailer


The Flour Tanker Trailer is especially suitable for the transport of flour and wheat or other high-density cargo. The all-aluminum body makes the trailer look beautiful and tidy. The lighter weight is also the main design highlight of the trailer.

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A) The tanker is usually designed with three or more hoppers. The vertical tank structure makes the cargo of low-density medium easier to slide off the tank wall. The residual rate inside the tank is extremely low, and the residue is less than 15KG.

B)The flour trailer uses a vibrator to assist the unloading. The double gold wear-resistant steel reduces the tare weight. The flow-type structure reduces the center of gravity of the trailer, increases the load-carrying capacity, reduces fuel consumption, saves energy, and protects the environment.

The trailer uses tractors to provide output power, and can also be equipped with a 12-cubic air compressor auxiliary tank to complete quick unloading.

C) The trailer is mainly lightweight, and the axle is equipped with 10 tons of VALX. The weight of the trailer can be as light as 4.8 tons. It is equipped with accessories such as aluminum alloy legs, fenders and wheels.

D) The working principle of the system is as follows: the working power is extracted from the automobile gearbox, and the air compressor is driven by the transmission device. The generated compressed air enters the air chamber through the control pipeline, making the powder particles in the tank produce fluidization phenomenon. When the pressure reaches 0.196Mpa, open the discharge butterfly valve to realize unloading.



3-axis aluminum alloy flour tanker 


2-axis aluminum alloy bulk flour tanker.





We always keep a large number of stocks to ensure that we can supply enough Low Price 2 3 4 Axle 40 45 Cm3 Powder Flour Transport Bulk Truck Tanker Semitrailer for our customers. We firmly believe that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving problems, innovation is a weapon for business development, and service is the foundation for creating value. Our experienced salesmen supply prompt and efficient service.

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