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Sugar Cane/Tree Seedlings Transport Semi-Trailer

Sugar Cane/Tree Seedlings Transport Semi-Trailer


40tons stack fence truck trailer is a type of cargo trailer, which is mainly used for the transportation of bulk cargo.

We strive to make conscientious products and do every detail of the Tipper Truck Trailer, 4 axles in 2 axles excavator front loading lowboy trailer, 3 axles end dump truck trailer for caol, let users rest assured and continue to create value for customers, thereby achieve the goal of win-win cooperation. We continue to innovate in operation, management and system to maintain the vitality of the enterprise. With the spirit of 'truth-seeking, innovation and continuous progress', we have researched and developed new innovative products to meet the trend of the times. Over the years, we have always put the word 'responsibility' throughout all aspects of the production and operation of the company, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with colleagues and users at home and abroad as always to create a better tomorrow.

Chassis structure

1.The longitudinal beams, cross beams and side beams are hot-rolled channel steel, with 2.5mm pattern steel plate on top.

2.The longitudinal beams and the cross beams are connected by rectangular square pipe welding.

3.The entire bottom plate is connected with the second-class chassis with U-shaped bolts, and the left and right positioning blocks are used to fix the box body to prevent the box body from moving up and down and left and right.


Side panel

The side compartment board is a vertical corrugated structure, the frame is a 40*60 rectangular square tube, and the height is 500 and 800mm. It can be divided into two compartments, three compartments, and four compartments. The straight plate hooks are welded to the column. The manger hooks are connected to the middle. The column is connected by bolts.


Back door

The rear door column and the lower cross beam are hot plate bending parts, the upper cross beam is a square tube, and the back door panel core is a horizontal corrugated structure. A medium lock and a medium hinge are installed and welded to the column. Sealing strips are installed on the three frames, and angle steel is installed on the lower horizontal frame. The door panel can be opened 270°.


EAST CHINA CIMC 40Tons Fence Cargo Truck Traile.pdf

We have been constantly innovating our technology and management, hoping to improve the quality of Sugar Cane/Tree Seedlings Transport Semi-Trailer and enhance the company's reputation. Our factory is actively facing the world economy and creating a brand by quality and service. Our company directly faces the end customers and truly realizes the win-win situation between the company and the customers.

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