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Wholesale 3-Axle Cargo Transport Enclosed Container Semi-Trailer

Wholesale 3-Axle Cargo Transport Enclosed Container Semi-Trailer


The trailer is mostly used for the transportation of precision parts, logistics express delivery and food goods. It adopts single axle design and fully enclosed structure, which is not only safe and reliable, but also economical and durable.

We will continuously develop Cement Bulker Trailer, Low Deck Semi Trailer, Aluminum Bulk Trailer products that adapt to new situations and new needs, and strictly control the quality. We have a perfect quality inspection system to ensure the qualification rate of our products, and some of them have successfully entered the international market. We adhere to the establishment of win-win strategic partnerships. Product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, our company does not forget the original intention in the vigorous development and growth and we always adhere to quality first. Relying on high-tech technology, we provide complete solutions for customers.

A) The frame structure can be divided into straight girder type and gooseneck type. The straight girder box type semi-trailer has large loading space and high center of gravity. The gooseneck box type semi-trailer has low center of gravity and good vehicle stability, so it can choose straight girder or gooseneck type semi-trailer according to demand.

B) The material of van semi-trailer mainly includes steel, aluminium, aluminium-plastic composite board and curtain cloth. According to different types of transport goods and cost factors, different materials of van can be selected. Mainstream cabin materials are mainly steel plate, few steel-plastic composite plate and aluminum plate; at present, the European and American markets mostly choose steel-plastic composite plate, aluminum-plastic composite plate and curtain cloth, mainly pursuing light self-weight, high strength, convenient loading and unloading.

C) The open door forms of the compartment body are divided into back-open, side-open, push-pull, curtain and wing-open, which can provide users with a wide range of choice space.

D) The trailer is designed with a single axle and a girder structure with gooseneck. It has the advantages of large loading capacity and low center of gravity, as well as high resale value.


2-axis sealed box trailer.


3-axis sealed box trailer.



Our Advantage

A. Traning of trailer operating and normal maintenance.

B. Regularly callback to know the vehicle's working status.

C. Supply the service of regular repair.

D. Solve the customer’s advisory.

E. 24 hours hotline.

With strong technical strength, supply and marketing capabilities, our products are widely used in Wholesale 3-Axle Cargo Transport Enclosed Container Semi-Trailer. Our company follows the business philosophy of 'everything is for the user, everything comes from innovation' and enhances the market competitiveness of the enterprise and the development potential of the enterprise. Our products and solutions are sold to worldwide, and are favorably appraised by clients.
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