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Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer


This refrigerated trailer is ultra-high and ultra-wide while ensuring lightweight. It has a total body length of 13.7 meters, a volume of 82 cubic meters, and can be equipped with two 1.2m standard pallets. Can meet the temperature requirements of a variety of goods, the lowest temperature can reach minus 25 degrees.

Refrigerated Trailer

Vehicle size: 13595mm * 2530mm * 3995mm

Curb weight: 10507kg

Wheelbase: 6800 + 1310 + 1310mm

Tire: 11.00R20 * 12

There are two main categories of refrigerated trailers: one is the van refrigerator and the other is the refrigerated container trailer. What is the difference between these two? The van trailer is modified on the chassis of the van trailer or manufactured separately, while the van refrigerated trailer hangs the refrigerated cabin on the chassis, mainly based on temperature.

A refrigerated container trailer, a container slab or a skeleton truck is placed on a refrigerated container, and the refrigerated container is generally equipped with independent refrigeration equipment.

CIMC 3 axle 40ft freezer transport box refrigerated trailer


The refrigerated box part adopts the load-bearing box without beam design, and the lower load-bearing mainly depends on the beam of high-strength steel. The whole car box is well-made, the outer part is made of stainless steel, the middle part is thermal insulation material, and the inner box is made of food-grade FRP plate, which is safe and free of odor. The floor is welded with stainless steel profiles, which has good sealing and grooves, which is conducive to the circulation of cold air and allows the temperature throughout the cabin to be consistent.

The refrigeration unit adopts an independent refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit can be assembled according to the needs of users. The lower part of the cabin is also equipped with an oil tank to provide fuel for the independent refrigeration unit.

The inner cover of the box is made of 304 concave-convex stainless steel, and the outer cover is 410L stainless steel. 


The bottom plate and the top of the refrigerated trailer have corresponding configurations to fully ensure the circulation of cold air inside the box.


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