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42000 Liters Crude Oil|Petroleum Fuel Insulation Tank Trailer

42000 Liters Crude Oil|Petroleum Fuel Insulation Tank Trailer


42000 Liters Crude Oil|Petroleum Fuel Insulation Tank Trailer is a special trailer to transport fuel oil, crude oil,diesel and aother lliquid that need insulation.

Basic Configuration

Capacity: 42000liters(can be customized)

Material: Carbon steel/Aluminum

Thickness: Tank body: 5mm; End plate: 6mm

Axles: 13tons*3 pcs

Compartment: 2pcs-6pcs


Petroleum Fuel Insulation Tank Trailer 1

The structure of the 42000 Liters Crude Oi Insulation Tank Trailer is an elliptical cylindrical or trapezoidal cylindrical body, made of high-quality steel plate. The whole tanker is divided into single or multiple warehouses. The inside of the tank can be divided into compartments. There are through holes at the end of the middle partition, and the middle of each warehouse is welded. The warehouse strengthens the anti-wave baffle to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank and increase the rigidity of the tank when the Petroleum Fuel Insulation Tank Trailer is running.


Petroleum Fuel Insulation Tank Trailer3

The diameter of manhole is 500mm for maintenance purposes. The big cover is fastened to the neck plate of the can mouth by bolts, and the small cover and the big cover are connected by a support pin and an ear plate. Turn the handle of the small cover clockwise to make the small cover tight, reverse and take off. After the ear plate is opened, the small cover can be opened, and a breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the large cover.




In order to prevent corrosion, the outer surface of the tanker is painted and decorated with a container indicator in the middle of the side of the tanker, which can directly indicate the volume of the tank when refueling or transferring oil to the tank.

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