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Aluminum Tank Trailer

Aluminum Tank Trailer


The material of the aluminum tank trailer is America 5454. We can do special treatment on the outside of the tank to make the trailer look very shiny. At the same time, the aluminum oil tank trailer is a light trailer, which has a lighter weight and can provide customers with the best use experience.

Basic Configuration

Name: Aluminum tank trailer

Axle: 13 tons * 3

Material: Aluminum alloy

Compartments: 4

Land leg: 28 tons * 2

3 axle tank trailer

Detailed Description of Tank Trailer

1. Due to the use of aluminum alloy materials, the aluminum alloy tank trailer makes its own weight lighter. By reducing its own weight, it can increase the payload of the whole vehicle. The weight of a single transport cargo is 18% -35% more than that of a carbon steel tank trailer.

2. The chemical properties of aluminum alloy are stable. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is more than 70% higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The enhanced corrosion resistance greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the tank.

3. From the appearance, the appearance of aluminum alloy tank truck is more beautiful, and it is easy to clean without painting.

4. In terms of service life, the excellent characteristics of aluminum alloys make the service life of aluminum alloy tank trailers longer. The old aluminum alloy tanks that are usually well maintained can also be used on new chassis. Recycling value.

5. Maneuverability, the center of gravity of the aluminum alloy tank trailer is relatively low, and braking is easier, which makes the vehicle more maneuverable. The aluminum alloy can also effectively deform to absorb the energy of collision in the accident (the possibility of later restoration and recovery is higher ), Which improves driving safety.

6. Aluminum alloy is a non-combustible material, it is not easy to produce sparks, and the static electricity accumulation is lower.

7. National policy. According to the current national policy, hazardous chemicals vehicles are required to limit the total mass for different models. Under the double pressure of economic benefits and national standards, the use of aluminum alloy tanks has become the general trend. When choosing an oil tanker, priority should be given to matching aluminum alloy tanks.

aluminum trailer

What is an aluminum alloy tank trailer? --- Size / Material / Medium

Aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer is a fuel tank trailer made of aluminum alloy, which is specially used to transport oil or some chemical liquids. Everyone may be familiar with carbon steel tank trucks. Aluminum alloy tank trailers are a type of tank trailer, but they are different from carbon steel. We will now introduce you to the aluminum alloy tank trailer in terms of size, material and medium.


The size of the aluminum alloy tank trailer is the same as that of the ordinary tank trailer, and the size is different according to different volume. For example, the size of the 40cbm aluminum alloy tank trailer is about 11500mm * 2550mm * 3980mm. The aluminum alloy tank trailer can be designed with different sizes of compartments to facilitate the simultaneous loading and transportation of different media.


Because the transportation of different liquids has different requirements from the material of the tank. When transporting some special chemical liquids, because the liquid itself may be corrosive or volatile, etc., it is necessary to customize the material of the tank. But like general liquids, such as water, gasoline and diesel, only general carbon steel tank trailers are needed, and no special customization is required.


There are many kinds of mediums transported by aluminum alloy tank trailers, such as acidic liquids, corrosive liquids, and some edible oils. Aluminum alloy tank trailers can still meet the transportation of milk, water and other edible liquids.


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