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CIMC Fuel Tanker Trailer

CIMC Fuel Tanker Trailer


Chemical tanker trailer can transport all kind of liquid chemicals.Some special anti-corrosion treatment can be done inside the tank to avoid the liquid from causing damage to the tank.

CIMC Fuel Tanker Trailer

Overall Length: 11500mm

Overall Width: 2500mm

Axle Load:12tons

Tare Weight: About 7tons

Pay Load: 30cbm/40cbm

Detailed configuration description

1.Outlet and valve: the left and right sides of the rear end are self-flowing, equipped with two 3-inch stainless steel ball valves (DN80) and one emergency shut-off valve (stainless steel subsea valve).Electrical circuit / brake system: 1. Lamps and wires: 24V system, LED lamps, seven-core socket. Relay valve HALDEX.

2. ABS anti-lock brake system 4S / 2M. 3. Anti-static device: one towing ground, one electrostatic reel, conductive copper (a total of 6)

Dangerous goods transport vehicles have independently developed high-strength steel-plastic wave-proof plates. The interior of the steel-plastic wave-proof board is a steel structure. The surface of the steel wave-proof board is spot-welded tortoise shell steel wire mesh, and the surface is lined with PE. advantage.

We also use imported polyethylene materials as lining plastics to make the trailer safer and more durable! !

What is a dangerous liquid / chemical tank trailer?

Dangerous liquid/chemical tank trailer is the abbreviation of dangerous chemical tank transporter, and it is a special trailer used for loading, unloading and transporting corrosive and dangerous media such as acid, alkali and salt. The trailer tank body is often made of carbon steel lined with rotomolded (polyethylene) or stainless steel tank, aluminum tank and other materials.

Common dangerous goods transportation media include: toluene, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, propionic acid, ethanol, glacial acetic acid, propylene, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen sulfide, liquid chlorine, caustic soda, yellow phosphorus, coal tar , Alcohol, asphalt insulation, pesticides, edible oil, liquid food, etc.

40000 liters 50000liters fuel tanker trailer for gasline and diasel

acid tank trailerAccording to the different requirements of customers, the number of compartments can be customized. The tank body is also equipped with wave-proof plates to reduce the impact of liquid on the tank during transportation.tanker truck

The tank material is carbon steel(optional aluminum and stainless steel). There are 2/3 manholes with breath valve on the top,fireproof subsea valves are equipped at the bottom to facilitate unloading.

gasline tank trailer


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