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40tons Dump Trailer

40tons Dump Trailer


Dump trailers have been widely used in medium and long distance road transportation of coal, gravel and ore.


Model: 4 axle


Material:High strength Steel 

Main Beam:height of the beam is 480mm. Upper plate:16mm; Down Plate:18mm; Middle plate:10mm;

What is dump trailers ----Type / Capacity / Application

Dump trailer is a special vehicle product that combines the dump function with ordinary freight trailers. Because the carriage carrying the cargo can automatically tip over to unload at a certain angle, it has many advantages such as saving unloading time and labor, shortening the transportation cycle, improving production efficiency, and reducing transportation costs. It is a commonly used transport semi-trailer .

Dump trailers have been widely used in medium and long distance road transportation of coal, gravel and ore. This article mainly introduces several different models of dump trailers, the carrying capacity of dump trailers, and the main goods and dimensions that are transported. If you are developing some mineral business, this article will benefit you a lot.

What are the main types of dump trailers?

1.End dump trailer

The end dump trailer is equipped with a hydraulic system at front, and the rear of the trailer can be opened to unload the cargo.

The working principle of the hydraulic system: The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder through a single valve through a manual booster stalk (hydraulic manual pump). At this time, the hydraulic oil entering the cylinder cannot be backed up due to the single valve, forcing the cylinder rod upward, and Work continues to make the hydraulic oil continue to enter the hydraulic cylinder, so it keeps rising, and when it is going to lower, open the hydraulic valve to return the hydraulic oil to the fuel tank.

rear dump trailer

2.Side dump trailers

The side dump trailers is the box panel on the side of the trailer that can be opened, and then the side unloading is realized by the side hydraulic device.

Structure of side-loading semi-trailer: manual control valve is installed in the easy-to-operate position of the tractor cab; power take-off is installed on the gearbox of the tractor; The car frame is connected to the gear pump; the fuel tank is close to the back of the tractor cab and fastened to the tractor frame; multiple lifting cylinders are reasonably distributed at the bottom of the semi-trailer cabin; a single self-rescue cylinder is arranged at the half The rear of the trailer frame; the multi-way valve is fixed on the semi-trailer web near the self-rescue cylinder. When the dump device is working, the semi-trailer cabin is centered on the hinge point between the cabin and the side of the frame as the center of rotation, and the cabin is tilted by the lifting cylinder supported at the bottom of the cabin. The vehicle is separated from the cargo.


How much weight can a dump trailers dump?

The weight of teh dump trailers is determined according to the configuration of different models. Generally speaking, the load of the dump trailer can be from 30 tons to 100 tons. As the configuration increases, the carrying capacity and self-weight of the dump trailer will also increase. Therefore, when purchasing, you must take into account the country's requirements for the carrying capacity of the dump trailer and the requirements for the trailer's own weight, so as not to allow the trailer you purchased to be licensed in the country. Dump trailers increase the carrying capacity by increasing the thickness of the paving and the side walls and the number of axles. Customers can tell the manufacturer to design the most suitable dump trailer according to their own transportation.

dump trailers

What is the dump trailers used for?

Dump trailers are generally used in construction sites, mines, and some sand and stone factories to transport coal mines and other mineral products, or to transport muck, sand, stones, or other construction materials on construction sites. Dump trailers are used in a wide range and are easy to load and unload. They are the only choice for transporting bulk cargo.


If you are choosing the most suitable dump trailers for your mineral business, We hope this article can provide you with some good ideas.

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