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Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer


The tipping trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo such as coal, ore and building materials, which can effectively improve the loading and unloading speed and efficiency.

Product Description:

a) The trailer adopts the rollover and the back-turning self-unloading mode, which can effectively improve the transportation efficiency of the bulk loader in the bulk loader.

b) The frame and the longitudinal beams of the carriage are welded by high-quality manganese plates. The cargo boxes are available in both rectangular and rectangular shapes. It has high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.

c) Excellent technology: the main components are processed by advanced equipment, and the longitudinal beams are fully submerged arc welded. The assembly machine is used to accurately assemble the axles and leaf springs.

The height of the box is varied and the loading space is large

Powerful bearing capacity, multi-axis assembly can be selected

Product Parameters:

Product Name

Dump Truck Trailer

Dimensions (Lx W x H)

9000x2500x3500mm (can be customized)




4~8*13ton FUWA brand


Mechanical suspension with 10/10/10

Main Beam

Height500mm, upper plate is 16mm, down plate is 18mm, middle plate is 10mm.

Through beam and Side beam

10# channel steel, 14 U shaped steel or channel steel

Lifting system

full set of HYVA hydraulic lifting cylinder

Side wall thickness

3mm-6mm /Q235 steel

Platform thickness

5mm-8mm /Q235steel


Triangle brand, 12R22.5 (12pcs)

Traction Pin

2”(50mm)or 3.5”(90mm)traction pin

Landing Leg

28T load landing leg

Brake system

Dual Line braking system/Optional ABS

Brake chamber

Six double chamber

Electrical System

24v, 7core socket, LED lights (suitable for all market)


Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats

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