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Rear Tipper Trailer

Rear Tipper Trailer


Tipper trailer is also called rear dump trailer/tipping trailer.Rear dump trailers are used to load sand, stone, coal and other solid building materials or industrial raw materials. Rear dump semi-trailers are designed to make unloading easier.

Rear Tipper Trailer


Axles load:13tons*3

Tire:Triangle brand, 12R22.5 (12pcs)

Traction Pin: 2”(50mm)or 3.5”(90mm)traction pin

Landing Leg: 28T load landing leg


What is the automatic tarpaulin system for dump trailers?

Dump trucks trailers need to transport some construction materials, in order to facilitate loading and unloading, generally speaking, there is no cover above the trailer. But this also led to some goods that could not be transported when it rained, so the tarpaulin system came into being.

Tarpaulin system is a fully automatic tarpaulin system, which is installed above the dump truck. It can cover the body of the dump trailer by remote control when the dump trailer is loaded. This design can protect the cargo when the weather is bad.

 dump trailer tarpaulin system


Automatic tarpaulins are divided into PE tarpaulins and PVC tarpaulins according to materials. The traditional car tarpaulins are canvas, and now PE tarpaulins are mostly used. Canvas is the oldest form of car tarpaulin. Because of the thick cotton and linen fabrics used for canvas, the quality is high and it is not resistant to corrosion. Canvas slowly withdrew from the historical stage. It is currently used in the construction of outdoor tents and insulation sheds .

The raw material of PE tarpaulin is high-density polyethylene, which adopts the blow molding process to form a double-layer film on the surface of the woven fabric. It adopts the form of PE tarpaulin, especially small and medium-sized trucks with strict load requirements such as light trucks, front four back eight. The PE tarpaulin is light in weight, small in size, and takes up less space, so one person can seal the car. And the waterproof and dustproof effect is good. Strong aging resistance. Toughness, strong resistance to tearing and scratching.

There are two types of tipper trailers namely is rear tipper and side tipper. Rear tipper trailer mainly transports sand, ore and coal, while side tipping trailer mainly transports some bulk cargoes, such as steel coils and building materials.

end dump trailer6 axles max 90 tons rear tipper trailer for sale 

rear dump trailer

U-type dump trailer is Streamline. Therefore, it is faster and more thorough than the other dump trailer.

4 axle dump trailer

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