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Side Tipping Trailer

Side Tipping Trailer


The 3 axle side tipping trailers are robustly constructed and with hydraulic side tipping equipment.The top of the trailer can be produced to fully enclosed or openable according to customer requirement.3 axle side tipping trailer achieves efficient and convenient loading/ unloading and transportation of bulk cargo.

Side Tipping Trailer

Basic Information

Type: 3 axis

Hydraulic system: Huayu hydraulic system

Suspension: mechanical suspension

Towing pin: 50mm / 90mm

3 axles 30/40tons payload 60tons side tipping trailer dump trailer 

side wall trailer

Side Tipping Trailer is suitable for the transportation of bulk and bulk goods such as coal, ore, building materials (sand, stones), etc.

1. The trailer adopts the method of rollover and self-unloading, which can effectively improve the transport efficiency of the bulk load and unloading of the loader.

2. The frame and the longitudinal beam of the carriage are welded with high-quality manganese plates, and the cargo box has two types of dustpan and rectangular. High strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity, no permanent deformation

3. Sophisticated technology: the main parts are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beams are made by fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the assembly machine is used to accurately assemble the axles and steel plates.

Customizable side wall box height, the load-bearing and uniquely designed chassis with Jost legs.

side tipping truck

How does Side Tipping Trailer work?

TheSide Tipping Trailer is mainly composed of a tractor and a semi-trailer. The tractor is connected by a saddle and a semi-trailer to form a semi-trailer train. The hydraulic lifting system of rollover self-unloading semi-trailer is mainly composed of power take-off (gearbox), hydraulic pump, lifting valve, gas control valve, limit valve, hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic oil tank, high (low) pressure oil pipe and so on.

The hydraulic system of the rollover semi-trailer is composed of 4 parts, hydraulic power source, hydraulic oil tank, cabin lifting system and shift cylinder working system.

The functions achieved are: power take-off and unloading of the power take-off, lifting and lowering the car body; support and contraction of the displacement cylinder.

The side wall of the box can be deployed, and the side wall willl be equipped with locks to ensure the safety of the side tipping trailer during transportation.

side dump trailer

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